Excursions in the Seychelles

There are some excursions we would advise you not to miss.

First of all, there is the trip to the Natural Marine Park of Sainte Anne, which consists of a group of islands just a few kilometres from Mahé. It is an ornithological and marine reserve, but tourists may visit Cerf, Round and Moyenne. You can do some magnificent snorkelling there or, if you prefer, watch the fish fauna from glass-bottomed boats. And then you can admire the “Coco de mer” palms or make friend with the giant turtles that live on these islands, a species to be found only at the Seychelles and the Galapagos Islands. All the principal tourist agencies organize whole-day trips to visit the three islands.

Another thing that lovers of tropical vegetation should not miss is a visit to the Botanical garden, situated in the southern part of the city, at a locality known as Mont Fleur. Thoroughly well cared for, it displays all the botanical species endemic in the islands, especially the magnificent “Coco de mer” and many other exotic species. Open every day from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. is a must. It is located in the southern part of the city, in the locality of Mont Fleuri. This very well looked after garden contains every endemic botanical species of the Seychelles, including the magnificent “Coco de Mer” and other exotic species. Open every day from 6 am to 6 pm.

Another beautiful island to visit is Silhouette, the third-largest island of the archipelago, situated about 20 kilometres to the south of Mahé and completely surrounded by coral reefs. It is not always open to daily tourism. Apart from its uncontaminated beaches, there are numerous paths to follow on foot to take you through the forest and to the top of a mountain reaching 2035 feet.

Victoria’s Botanical Gardens The Marine Park of Sainte Anne

When you are tired to tan, you can take wonderful walks in the beautiful Morne Seychellois National Park along its various paths that cross the tropical forest that covers the central area of the island. We would suggest the itineraries described in “Seychelles in your pocket”, a little guide book revised each year and readily available in the island’s shops. In any case, you will find a copy also at Villa Rochelle.

You shouldn’t miss also the luxuriant spice garden “Le Jardin du Roi” situated in the hill area 2 km from Anse Royale. Following the path among growing and forest, visitors are invited to catch and taste the star fruit and other tropical delicacies. At the end of the walk, you can have a rest while trying a fruit juice or a fresh salad, in the pleasant restaurant-café where you will enjoy a wonderful view to the coast.

Deep sea fishing trips are organized by the Marine Charter Association. Their well equipped boats can be hired by aspiring fishermen for either half a day or a whole day. You can be sure of an eventful day. The waters of the Indian Ocean around the Seychelles are full of fish throughout the year. Lovers of this type of fishing will find themselves in contact with marlin, barracuda and sailfish.

A giant turtle An emperor angel-fish

The main tourist agencies of the Seychelles present similar prices and offers: all of them can organize the most interesting trips in the island and in the other islands of the archipelago. Here they are:

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