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Seychelles cuisine

Come into being as the result of various contaminations of French, Indian, Chinese and African kitchen craft, Creole cookery in the Seychelles offers some surprising flavours that will satisfy even the most difficult palates.

Based on local raw materials, - fish, above all, always fresh and inexpensive, rice and vegetables, but also meat, chicken and pork for the most part – it readily lends itself to the preparation not only of simple dishes that exalt the flavours of their ingredients, but also more elaborate Creole recipes, seasoned and aromatised with such exotic spices as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, green peppers, cardamom, curry and nutmeg.

Sweets, too, make extensive use of local riches, especially tropical fruit, ever present in both gardens and woods; bananas, passion fruit, coconuts and mangoes are the basic ingredients of delicious sweets, juices and ice creams.

Apart from the excellent tea produced on the island, the national drink is beers, the so-called Seybrew, but you will also find bottles of imported wine at acceptable prices.

Typical dishes of Creole kitchen craft Typical dishes of Creole kitchen craft


We limit ourselves to mention the restaurants we liked best, but would ask you to let us know your own comments and suggestions.

  • At Victoria

    • News Café
      Trinity House, Tel. 322999
      The best small-size restaurant for having lunch at Victoria. Fine salads with fish and shrimps. Good home-made cakes. And there is good espresso coffee.
    • Marie Antoinette
      St. Louis, Tel. 266222
      A visit to this historic restaurant at Victoria is an absolute must. It will reward you with its atmosphere of a Seychelle home of former days, its numerous specialties of Creole kitchen craft (really spicy!) and, not least, the charm and courtesy of its proprietress.
  • At Mahè

    • Average prices

      • Baobab Pizza Parlour
        Beau Vallon, Tel. 247167
        Beau Vallon situated on Beau Vallon Beach, this pizzeria with its characteristic sand floor is one of the obligatory hideouts for a surprisingly good pizza, a plate of spaghetti or a marinated fish salad. Don’t miss it.
      • Boat House
        Beau Vallon, Tel. 247898
        Offers you a fantastic fish barbecue in the evening, together with a rich buffet of Creole dishes. You can eat to your heart’s content at a fixed and very reasonable price.
      • Mahek
        Beau Vallon, Tel. 621000 Ext 835
        At the Coral Strand Hotel there is an authentic Indian restaurant , which offers you a rich menu and a chef ever ready to help you make your choice.
    • Somewhat higher prices

      • La Perle Noire
        Beau Vallon, Tel. 620220
        Delicious dishes of Creole and Italian cuisine.
      • Le Corsaire
        Bel Ombre, Tel. 247171
        Apart from a cuisine prepared with painstaking care, there is also a wine list that can compete with the best European restaurants.
      • La Scala
        Bel Ombre, Tel. 247535
        Historic Italian restaurant at Mahé. Excellent fish dishes and sea food. An be sure to try their spaghetti in clam sauce!
      • Chez Plume
        Anse Boileau, Tel. 355050
        Really sophisticated Creole cuisine. Makes a trip to the south of the island thoroughly worthwhile. And don’t forget to try their crab soup and fish in ginger sauce.
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